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December 18, 2020

Well, well, well…This one is a very repeated question when people talk to me about photography. I don’t know if they are legitimately interested or it is just something you automatically ask politely when you don’t know what to ask an image creator.

What is an image creator? I use this term to refer to the people like me who create the concept for their photography and usually work with other team members to develop it.

Many of us do the same, we don’t just use our intuition to catch the ephemeral moment at the right time, we create the, let’s say 70% at least of the image beforehand whether it is personal work or, of course, for a client.

Most of the artists, independently of their discipline answer the same when asked about the general source of inspiration: “I get the ideas from everywhere”. I have to tell you…that it is the truth for me as well.

The Process

This was the year of Picasso, some years ago. It was everywhere. Fabien Baron asked us to work on our way of looking in order to create an artistic series to be published. I researched and found a suitable and very creative artist to recreate the wonderful and well known Picasso’s women. Pretty simple. After creating this fantasy, I worked digitally with the model’s hair and skin to make it painting-like and a real picture at the same time. Inspiration, other artists work from other disciplines. The inspo from painters could be endless, but sometimes it could be plants, birds, a smell or a sound, anything could be inspiring.


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