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A few years ago, in a 5-month accelerator program I took on how to grow as a fashion photographer, Sophia Neophitou, the well known editor-in-chief of 10 Magazine and many other things told us, with a passionate tone that, in order to get the maximum from the course, we had to be brave, well, not brave, FEARLESS creating our images, that that was her best advice.

It’s been a few years now, but those words have been resonating in my head like a mantra and honestly, it seems much easier to say than to do, be fearless!

With time, I came to understand that this is the secret, which is why great photographers manage to bring the courage of youth to prevail with their artistic vision, without filters, with freedom.

At the beginning of the history of fashion photography, social canons did not always allow the photographer to do what he wanted, but it was precisely those who looked beyond the rules, who forced and changed the history of visual creation in fashion. To that, let’s include the rest of the team, who have been gaining more and more prominence over the decades and are sometimes a balanced part of the final result.

There are brave people, they are copied ad nauseam or they influence all of us, there is no doubt about it. From Horst P. Horst to Txema Yeste or Eugenio Recuenco, to Jean-Paul Goude, Nick Knight, Steven Klein or Ellen von Unwerth along with many, many other photographers who have left us with that mark of creative freedom.

So the focus is there, in a highly saturated world and a brain full of references, in which everything has been portrayed, the heart speaks, no more trends, everything is beautiful if it shows us the artist’s inner vision.

Image by Nick Knight

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