March 9, 2020

There is something about aging that is amazing, I am sure of that. You are supposed to be wiser, richer, more focused, and independent.

Personally, I feel that the older I get, the less I feel that security. One of my fears, without a doubt, is to become invisible, especially as a creator of images.
Last week I read a publication by a well-known Spanish photographer, a little concerned about the lack of commitment from the agencies he used to work with. Unfulfilled promises, never to call you again … He is approximately a decade older than me and he is a true teacher, but … what about us women? Is it more difficult for us in this business?

I know it might sound like a western woman to the 21st-century problem … I mean, it’s not a big problem compared to the scandalous lack of freedom or human rights for many, many women, but here, we are just focusing on this society and industry.

According to Fashionista, only 13.7% of fashion editorials are made by women, considering that fashion is a business-focused mainly on girls (not older women, but that’s another matter), are we represented mainly by the vision of the men? Are advertising and publishing jobs the result of teamwork with a mix of different gender visions? What can I say? I usually work with women, but I also have no problem working with men, and I find that the difference is with the person, not with gender

© Teresa Novoa

And what about age? If the mean age of the populations in the
Western countries is around 45 years… why is it all about the new generations? Do we lose our ability to innovate after 30? I say … no, we miss opportunities. I remember being in front of an agent who was reviewing my work to advise me and when I told her where I was from and how long I had been photographing… well, it just went through the pages like a breeze without even seeing anything. Of course, rejection is a big part of what we do. At least that doesn’t happen all the time

What is that obsession with youth? Is it to sell everything about youth and be young? And what about the rest of the women? It is changing? Is the market changing? Most of us disappear on social networks as image creators after 35 or 40 years, is there still time to get it? Should we change our artistic vision all the time if we are not a reputable photographer, one of those well established? Is it because of the desire for change, for money, saturation, ephemeral momentum?
Ok, more questions for which I have no answer … let’s talk and give me your vision if you want. What I believe now is … well? I see that it is changing, but here in Spain, most of the well-paid publishers go to men and I would say that men from other countries and yes, most of the editors and directors are women and I am sure they are concerned.

All the brave photographers
What makes you a true artist? Let's analyze the importance of freedom

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