Teresa Novoa Photography
Mar 09


There is something about aging that is amazing, I am sure of that. You are supposed to be wiser, richer, more focused, and independent. Personally, I feel that the older I get, the less I feel that security. One of my fears, without a doubt, is to become invisible, especially as a creator of images.Last week I read a publication by a well-known Spanish photographer, a little concerned about the lack of commitment from the agencies he used to work with. Unfulfilled promises, never to call you again … He is approximately a decade older than me and he is a true teacher, but … what about us women? Is it more difficult for us in this business? I know it might sound like a western woman to the 21st-century problem … I mean, it’s not a big problem compared to the scandalous lack of freedom or human rights for many, many women, but here, we are just focusing on this society and industry. According to Fashionista, only 13.7% of fashion editorials are made by women, considering that fashion is a business-focused mainly on girls (not older women, but that’s another matter), are we represented mainly by the vision of […]